Russian school movement (RSM) – a public children and youth organization which activity is entirely focused on the development and education of schoolchildren. The organization was established according to the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of October 29, 2015.


The RSM includes four different areas: Military and patriotics, Information and media, Civil activity and Personal development.

The Military-patriotic direction is engaged in attracting future soldiers, rescuers and police officers.

The Information and media line is engaged in attracting young journalists, editors and newsgroup workers.

The Civil activity direction is looking for volunteers for various social events.

The Personal development direction promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Our school is the base space of RSM.

We have a military-patriotic club called "Granit". The members of this club take part in various competitions, such as "Zarnitsa", "Vivat", the competition of the Russian army, profile session "Sibiryak". Our school is actively cooperating with the Special Forces unit "Yermak". Special Forces military are frequent guests at the school № 213 "Otkrytiye". In this club, there are members who participated in competitions in bullet shooting and different kinds of martial arts. Trainings and seminars are held with leading athletes of the city in military-applied sports.

Within the framework of the Information and media direction, a school media group has been established. It is engaged in the creation and design of video panels: the children independently create their own social videos.

From 2018-2019 school year, the School of Counselors actively began to work. It organizes extracurricular activities and interesting and informative classes for elementary school students.

A Volunteer squad which was created on the basis of the 9th grade regularly visits an animal shelter. Our volunteers provide financial help to the shelter, as well as walking their dogs. At school, children hold charity events; the proceeds are also sent to the shelter. Future plans of the Squad include assistance to the elderly people of the microdistrict, support for orphanages and the organization of charity events.

Within the framework of the Civil activity direction, the 6th grade and their class teacher, with the active support of parents, during the year implements the project of social partnership «Interaction of students of a special (correctional) school № 148 and school № 213 "Otkrytiye" through the organization of a joint project activity». The children have already prepared and held several interesting and educational activities for pupils from grade 4 of school № 148.

Our school regularly organizes activities aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle. Days of Health, the Fun starts competition, interactive games, seminars, workshops and meetings with interesting people have become traditional for us.

On January 30, a unique intellectual game between Moscow and Novosibirsk schoolchildren took place. It was held between the participants of grades 6-8 in the framework of the educational project "Interacti

Уважаемые родители будущих первоклассников!

1 апреля 2024 года начинается прием заявлений в 1 класс 2024-2025 учебного года граждан (детей), проживающих на территории, закрепленной за школой (см. ниже). Прием заявлений граждан (детей), проживающих на территории, закрепленной за школой, завершается 30 июня 2024 года.   

График приема заявлений:

С 1 по 12 апреля 2024 года с 8.00 до 12.00, с 15.00 до 18.00 (в соответствии с графиком предварительной записи).

С 16 апреля: вторник, четверг с 15.00 до 18.00 в порядке живой очереди.

Суббота, воскресенье: выходные.

Планируемое количество первых классов

в 2024-2025 учебном году

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